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Vive la Canadian Culture

Don’t laugh at my French/English. It’s a thing. Anyone who has ever married a French-Canadian or met the children of a French Canadian knows this. Many English-only Canadians know just enough French to get it wrong. (For instance, is Canadian Culture masculine or feminine?) And so many whose first language is French will substitute the English words as they go because they can.

Not only that, though. Today I was walking through the food court of the local mall. It’s been newly renovated and the furniture can be moved now, which is nice. I noticed no less than four groups of older (mostly) gentlemen gathered around their Tim Horton’s cups and paper bags of doughnuts and farmer’s wraps, tables pushed together to make room for everyone.

The first table I walked by was a group of about eight guys, all laughing and smiling, speaking in an Asain language (I have no idea which, since I don’t speak any of them). At another table were three or four older couples all talking at once in Italian. I don’t know all of what they were talking about, but there was mention of someone’s trees and I think that the weather was doing something. This is a common topic in any language.

The table in front of the Tim’s shop was filled with a dozen old French dudes talking expansively (and I do mean expansively) in French. One guy sent his Timmy’s flying as he described his new trellis for his tomatoes. It was tragic, really, and his table-mates were even more expansive in their disapproval, although another cup did go flying, thankfully, it was already empty, so that was less traumatic.

And in fact, there was even a table of a group of English-speaking couples all wearing cowboy hats. There’s nothing like a ranch around here, so who knows why. Could be they’re just really enthusiastic country music fans. This group, interestingly enough, were partaking in some yummy looking items from the Bento Box.

No melting pot for us. We’re all about letting our heritage flags fly. Go Canada! Just one of the many reasons I love this country.

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