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Dream Wanders

A road in the countryside, Scottish summer landscape, East Lothians, Scotland, UK

So I woke up from such an odd dream this morning.

It began when I had to carry a broken sewing machine two doors down to a neighbour’s house to get it fixed. (I don’t actually own a sewing machine, so that was weird right off the bat). Anyway, on the way, I got distracted by a strange older gentleman in the house in between coming out his front door to offer me an apple, which I took and began to eat. When I next looked up, I was not at the next neighbour, but on a more distant street. The thing is, I dream of this area of my neighbourhood all the time. It’s distinctly part of my subdivision, I know it well. But it only exists in my dreams, not in real life.

As I was puzzling over how to get back to where I was supposed to be, I seemed to be wandering farther from my destination, ending up outside a city mall. I think the city was somewhere in Kentucky. I’ve also been to this dream-fiction mall before, but what city/country it’s in varies from dream to dream. (And as far as I know, doesn’t exist IRL either.) Why I think it was in Kentucky, I have no idea, but that was the distinct impression I got.

Finally, I ended up in the Scottish countryside, which I identified more because it was very like the Scottish countryside which I once visited years ago, but not necessarily because it is an actual place I’ve been to, in Scotland or otherwise, and may ot may not actually exist. Judging by the trend of this dream, though, probably not.

And I still carried the broken sewing machine that I don’t actually own in one hand, and the apple core in the other. The sewing machine should have been heavy by then, but it wasn’t.

Then I woke up.

One thing that always happens in these walking dreams I have is that at some point, my gait becomes extremely uneven and nothing I do can straighten it out so I am walking at my normal pace and rhythm, and often, I keep walking because I just have to get it right.

So I end up in strange cities, or even Scotland, trying to get my walk fixed, and, in this case, my sewing machine repaired.

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