Thief in the Light

Lucky Denver has wandering feet, sticky fingers and an unreliable moral compass—he’s never had a home and he’s not so sure he cares about what he’s missing.

Arnold Kreed who runs a small-town B&B knows what a home should be. So does his home, The Oaks—aka Mildred—and she has some very definite opinions on who should stay and who should go.

Mildred wants Lucky to stay—and while Kreed is surprised, he can’t really blame the old girl. He’s getting sort of attached himself. Lucky might be fine with the house’s eccentricities, but he’s not so sure Kreed will be fine with the man attached to Lucky’s real name. When Kreed falls ill, Lucky needs to make a decision—wander away like he’s always done or stay and be his better self. Kreed’s hoping he’ll stay—and so is The Oaks, and Mildred has a way of getting what she wants.

Publisher: Author - Jaime Samms
Cover Artists:
Reviews:Barb on Rainbow Book Reviews wrote:

"Character development, including that of the cast of secondary characters, is outstanding. I felt as if I were there—in that town, under Mildred’s roof, and fighting for justice for those who deserved it. This a story I most highly recommend."

See the link for the full review.

Karen on My Fiction Nook wrote:

"Ms Samms has filled this story out with some wonderful secondary characters whom I would happily spend more time with.

Follow the link to see the full review."

Denise on Two Chicks Obsessed wrote:

"Shows that a decent story doesn’t need sex to keep you invested. Even a romance."

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Valerie on Love Bytes Reviews wrote:

'With an intriguing plot, lively characters – including Mildred – and the men’s burgeoning relationship, I found this to be an enjoyable book that I recommend. "

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