Rules to Love By

Bed, Breakfast, and Beyond Book Two

Stepping into adulthood is hard enough when you have a family. But going it alone?

Marcus loses everything when his Great Aunt Iris dies. Not just the woman who raised him as her own, but his home and the Egg Basket, her diner where he worked.  Lonely and grief-stricken, Marcus follows his friend to Griffon’s Elbow, desperate for a fresh start.

Eli has spent the last year avoiding telling his father he’s dropped out of college and has no intention of returning. He’s happy as a bartender, happy with his carefully arranged hook-ups, happy to spend as little time in Griffon’s Elbow as he can.

Then he meets a hot man who pushes all his buttons. But Marcus is hurting and in desperate need of a friend…or maybe something more.

One date, that’s all they need. So what if Eli has never hooked up after a first date. Or that Marcus never gets a second date after the sex is over. They can have dinner and work it out. A rule book would make things so much easier, but it looks like they’ll have to come up with their own set of rules to fall in love by.

Welcome back to Griffon's Elbow, found family, and the chance for two men to reinvent their futures with eachother as their guide.

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