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Writing Progress Update

I just completed the Writing phase of The Hippie and the Dragon; a tale of shifters and love! It’s been soubmitted. Now to wait!
[mybookprogress progress=”1″ phase_name=”Writing” book=”4″ book_title=”A Dreamspun Beyond tale of shifters and love” bar_color=”89118f”]

I’ve been writing contemporary roamances for so long, I’d forgotten  how much fun it is to make up new world rules and let magic be real. This was a great departure from what I usually write. I just hope peoplelike reading is as much as I liked writing it!

I’ve started TWO new Hen and Hog books, because I’m not sure which couple is going to get book two. Mitch needs to escape from his crazy ex and find a safe place to live, and Avery really wants to go to culinary school. They both deserve the love and support of good men, so we’ll see how that goes. Kearn has a lot to offer Mitch if he can overcome his inability to let go of the past. Landon not only needs someone to help him care of his uncle, but he could definitly use someone to remind him there’s more to life than work and Uncle Thornton.



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