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Weekend TV Binging

It’s been a long year. And it’s only May. Even though my life has not changed a whole lot, due to the fact I’ve always worked from home, and I am still writing and creating–albeit with a lot more people in the house than normal–things here are still out of kilter.

As I said, a lot of people. The oldest came home for spring break, and the shut down happened, so she stayed. Her school year is over now, so she’ll have to find something to occupy er time until she can find a job, which are non-existent at the moment, for obvious reasons.

The teenagers are not finding it the funnest of times, being cut off from their friends and having to do school on line, but they are plodding along, and at least they have each other to both hang out with, and to sometimes need space from. it’s interesting to say the least.

Hubs and I have been binging more shows than normal. Usually, we save that activity for the weekends, but it gets harder and harder to differentiate the week days from the week ends, so sometimes, that overlaps. This weekend, when I was supposed to be putting together my newsletter, we got caught up in the Netflix series, The Order which was interesting. Sort of a mash-up of The Magicians, The Umbrella Academy and Twilight. There be secret societies, magic and werewolves, oh my!

It follows Jack, hoping to find revenge for the death of his mother, which he blames on his absent father. Of course, he finds out that the secret society he wants to join, in order to get more power to find this absent father, is, in fact, run by said absent father. Also, there is the love interest, who is not a terrible choice, and isn’t a completely helpless female lead, so I didn’t hate her. But mostly, I liked the werewolves.

For a way to kill some time, I’d recommend it. Just don’t get mad when some plot points make you go a bit head-tilty and wonder why the writers got so lazy. And give Jack a couple of episodes to hit his stride. I promise, he gets better, if not less hopelessly nerdy.

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