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Time to Hunker Down

And not just because it snowed enough for a snow day yesterday, either. Though that desn’t hurt. More importantly, though, its time for me to start taking this writing thing seriously again, and I need your help,

I have my office back, which will help with getting words on the page more reliably. I hope. It’s clean and tidy. I love that. I purged a lot of junk I was no longer attached to, and put up some pretty swag from authors I love and games I enjoy.


My wall of doodles is still intact, as well.

Best of all, Kai has his own chair.







And to top it off, I’ve found myself a white Christmas tree, which I have always wanted, and set it up in place by my office chair. It’s so pretty, and festive.

The plan, then, is to work on the last installment of the Tales from Rainbow Alley series, and the second installment of the Hen and Hog series (which will be coming out at Riptide in the new year) from this cozy space.  I’m hoping it will inspire me.

I’ll be on the look-out for inspiration for those books from you, as well. Got a favourite beer for a pub patron that Jed or Landon can serve up at the Hen and Hog? A sexy dance number for Mitch to strip to as he struggles to leave his questionable choices behind, or a groovey throw-back Landon’s Uncle Thornton listens to fondly at home. Give me some suggestions.

Maybe a mom-and-pop fast-food joint that Mark can haunt while he’s on the lam looking for Rolly as they round out the Rainbow Alley series as it began: with the two patriarchs of the Alley rediscovering their connection.

Got an idea for me to include in these books? Bring it on! Challenge me to find a way to include your suggestions. Help me get those writing chops back up to snuff, please! I’ll definitly give credit in the acknowledgements to anyone who offers up an idea, any tiny tidbit, I can use.

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