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Statute of Limitations: Happy Homecoming

Liam settled on the edge of the tub. Stretched out under the bubbles, Joe didn’t stir. Liam had suspected he’d fallen asleep when he hadn’t come down to dinner, and rather than eat alone, Liam came in search of him.

He reached over to touch his forehead. Joe had complained about being cold when he’d stepped in from the rain. Worried, Liam had sent him straight up for a hot bath and some relaxation. Since they got back from their impromptu vacation, he’d been working hard. His skin felt warm now, but not more than the steaming water warranted.

“Hey?” He tried a soft kiss on Joe’s cheek to wake him, but he only shifted slightly. “Poor baby.” Liam couldn’t help a little smile. “I know what will get you going.”

He got up and went to their room, stripping out of his jeans and t-shirt, and flipping on the stereo. The clean, long tones of a saxophone filled the room and drifted through the small speakers in the bathroom. He took some time rooting in the small cupboard on his side of the bed and found the bottle he’d been saving for a special occasion. He’d even bought glasses to go with it. Carrying the lot to the bath, he set them down on the edge of the tub, lit a few candles and closed the door to keep in the warmth.

Still, Joe hadn’t moved. Liam crouched on the mat beside the tub, and just for a minute watched him breathing. His soft brown hair tumbled over his forehead and Liam had to restrain himself from waking him too roughly. The urgency rising in him, along with the heat in the room, decided him, though.

Carefully, he opened the bottle and poured a bit of the golden liquid into each glass. The clinking finally woke Joe. He tipped his head over and blinked up a Liam.

“Hey.” A lazy smile flowed across his face and Liam couldn’t help it this time. He leaned over the edge of the tub for a kiss. Soft and warm from the bath, Joe met his advance with a languid hunger that made Liam’s blood simmer.

A tiny nip on his lower lip made Liam pull away slightly, just to keep himself in check. He could still feel Joe’s warm breath on his lips and smell the sandalwood soaked into his skin.

“This was a good idea. Thank you.” Joe touched his face with one wet hand.

“You missed supper.” Liam moved back, a little, trying to sound put out, but Joe chuckled. Liam stood, took a second to peel away his boxers and turn down the speakers so the salsa played just under their conversation.

“Looks like you missed me.” Joe eyed Liam’s erection as he stepped carefully into the water. “A lot.”

Liam had to grin. He’d planned a slow seduction, but as soon as he sat, Joe scooted forward and trapped him against the end of the tub, kissing him with the same demanding heat he always showed when they came together these days. Liam had almost begun to think they’d lost that, and he relished it now. He reached down to touch Joe, but didn’t get past his bellybutton before Joe gripped his wrist.

“Ah, ah. Not yet.” Joe spoke without taking his lips from Liam’s, or letting him go. Liam pulled away from Joe’s hot mouth to look at him. “I can’t do you properly here.” Joe’s low, throaty whisper tingled down through Liam to his cock, and he shivered.

Deliberately slow, Joe moved the glasses and bottle aside so he could get out of the water, and admonished Liam to stay put as he picked up a towel and proceeded to dry himself off.

Liam had seen strip shows with more flesh revealed, but nothing made him hot like watching the white of the terrycloth as it slipped over Joe’s still-tanned skin. Bits of his lean torso and strong back were revealed in maddening glimpses. One cheek of his perfect round ass peeked out before Joe wrapped the towel around his waist and turned to face Liam.

“Now you.” He held out his hand and Liam took it. “Come on.”

“I’m not sure I can stand.”

Joe grinned. “I won’t let you fall. Come on.”

Liam rose and stepped out of the hot water, shivering as cooler air touched wet skin. Joe was right there with a clean towel to wrap around him, and Liam closed his eyes as strong hands, through the soft cloth, touched every part of him; his neck, back, chest, lingering slightly over his nipples and drifting down his arms and over his ass. It was all he could do not to lean back into that, hoping for something more, but Joe moved on, down his legs, until he knelt at Liam’s feet.

“Look at me?”

Liam opened his eyes. Joe smiled up at him a second before shifting forward. Just the tip of his tongue darted out to lick Liam, light and quick. He moaned and sifted his fingers through Joe’s hair.
“Like that?” Joe practically twinkled up at him.

“You know I do.” But Joe didn’t much care for this, and Liam knew it. “But you don’t have to.”

Joe kissed his cock, a sweet touch of his lips on the dry heat of his shaft. “What if I want to?”

Liam couldn’t help a little grin, a hitched giggle. “I’m not going to say no.”

“Good.” Joe took him in hand, first, stroking him a few times, with just the right amount of pressure, before closing his lips over the very end. Liam sighed. Again, Joe’s tongue darted, like quicksilver, over the sensitive tip, and Liam fought not to thrust himself deeper. Controlling his movement, letting Joe take the time he needed, was torture, but got him there faster.

“Joe.” He gripped Joe’s shoulder, locking his knees, desperately wanting to ram himself into the back of his throat. “Joe, I’m too close. God.” That Joe didn’t need to be good at this to get him to the brink so fast, amazed Liam every time.

This time, Joe didn’t pull away at the last minute. He slipped his mouth further down Liam’s shaft, swallowed convulsively, and it was enough. Liam’s entire body went tight, his breath caught at the hot wetness engulfing him, and he came, hard, into the back of Joe’s throat. For a second, he was too lost inside his own body to realize what he’d done.

When he focused again, it was on the top of Joe’s head. He was still kneeling, but when Liam moved to crouch beside him, he looked up. A grin split his face, ear to ear, and he stood.

“That wasn’t so bad,” he announced.

Liam laughed. “You’ve got a bit of–” he touched Joe’s lips and trailed his finger down through the spunk dribbled on his chin. Joe licked his finger off, sucking the digit into his mouth.

“Will you do something else for me, Joe?” Liam stepped closer, pressing his body against Joe’s, searching out and finding the place at the base of his spine where a touch would make Joe melt against him. He moved his mouth against Joe’s ear. “Will you fuck me?”

He took the low moan and the hand gripping his ass as a yes, and lead Joe to the bed. He was surprised when Joe didn’t toss him down and roll him over immediately. He could see how hard and dripping he was, how ready he was to do what Liam had asked, but he took his time. At least, he took his time compared to his usual urgent, fast-and-hard manner that Liam liked so much. Not that he was complaining at the kisses and the touching, or the thrust of fingers that almost made him come again before Joe had even entered him properly.

Finally, he had to pitch Joe off and press him on his back into the mattress. “Enough!” the word growled out of him, and Joe looked up in surprise.

A grin spread slowly over Joe’s face. “You ready then?”

“Was in the bathroom.” Liam lifted Joe’s erection and positioned himself over it. “You?”

Joe only closed his eyes as Liam sank down on him. He didn’t mind doing most of the work. Joe had been playing catch up for so long, it was his turn anyway, and so he let himself go, riding him hard. It didn’t take long. He hadn’t expected it too, and when Joe arched up under him, his fingers digging into Liam’s thighs, he couldn’t help the feeling of accomplishment that spread through him and warmed him to his toes.

In a minute, Joe went limp. Liam watched him as he lay there, his eyes still closed, a tiny corner of his mouth turned up. Leaning over, Liam planted a kiss on that bit of smile.

“Alright?” he whispered.

Joe nodded.

“Wait right here.”

“Can’t move.”

“Good.” Liam grinned and slipped off the bed. He took a quick minute in the bathroom to clean himself and to fetch a warm cloth and their drinks. Joe didn’t move as he whipped him clean, but he did sit up when Liam crawled back up the bed and leaned against the headboard. He scooted back to sit beside him.

“Do you remember,” Liam reached for the glasses on the bedside table. “The first night we slept in Cancun? Way back?”

“That night on the beach? Yeah. That was the first time I ever gave anyone a blowjob.”

Liam handed Joe his glass. “You remember the Damiana?”

“I remember it was good. Unlike the blowjob.”

“Ten years ago, it was good.” Liam held his glass up in salute. “Now it’s great.”
“The blowjob or the liquer?”

Liam laughed. “I brought them both home with me, didn’t I?”

“And kept us all this time?”

“Yes.” Liam leaned over for a kiss that Joe didn’t hesitate in giving. “I wanted a special occasion to open the bottle.”

“This is just a Monday.”

“Yes. With missed dinners and candlelit blowjobs and the love of my life in my bed. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate a Monday, can you?”

“You do know how much I love you, don’t you?” Joe asked.

“I think I have a pretty good idea.” Liam kissed him again, because he never got tired of kissing him. “About as much as I love you.”

“Happy Monday.”

“Happy Monday.

They clinked glasses and drank. The candy drink slid down Liam’s throat, a sweet promise for another ten years of Mondays with this man in this bed, just like this.

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