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I’m so excited to see this book on the pre-order page at Pride Publishing. I’ve been waiting a long time to get to Rikki and his love story. Until now, I wasn’t sure what kind of man could hold such a volotile, damaged soul in his hands without doing further damage. That man turned up in the least likely character I would have imagined. Simon. Remember Simon from book one? A young, inconsequential character who wak on and off the page in one scene and never reappeared until book five? Well. Turns out little, submissive, increadibly protective Simon was just the amn Rikki needed to realize his own strength.

Rikki always thought he needed someone to control and tame him. Turns out what Rikki needed was someone to look after. Someone who wanted Rikki for all the reasons everyone else tried to change him. Simon wanted Rikki’s soft heart, his kind words, his gentle hands: things the other men in Rikki’s life had no use for. They turned out to be a perfet match, and the catalyst for the next and last book in the series.

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Overcoming past hurts and letting love back in sometimes means reinventing everything about yourself, and sometimes means loving who you already are despite the jagged edges.

Rikki’s past is ugly, painful and full of blood. Simon is getting over a lover who only saw him for his uses, but had no use for his heart. From the outside, they seem like a disaster waiting to happen.

From the moment Simon moves into the same house, they seem to be exactly what the other needs. Except for one small detail. Simon has never been—or wanted to be—the one in charge in the bedroom. And Rikki doesn’t trust himself to keep Simon safe. So when Simon demands independence in all other things, Rikki is sure he’ll have to accept a life of solitude and hold himself inside his cold shell.

Meanwhile, as Simon waits for Rikki to bring the heat, his old lover is still hoping to use him one more time. Rikki is going to have to trust his instincts—and all the deadly skills he’s grown to loathe and fear—to keep his Simon safe.

General Release Date: 16th January 2018

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