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News Day: Life Stages and New Books

On a personal front: my eldest graduated High School this week and will be leaving home in September to study Modern dance. I could not be more proud of  all the accomplishments thus far, not the least of which was inspiring my Dance, Love, Live series. I’ve always loved watching the dance recitals, both ballet and modern, and while I’m not a dancer myself, I see a lot of vitality and courage in the dance world. Wishing my kid all the best in the future. I know there is a lot more dance to come!

Here is an admittedly terrible pic (I definitely need a new phone!) of her being the cowardly lion in their interpretation of Wizard of Oz at this year’s year end recital. They were a joy to watch!

On to the books!

New Contract: I have just signed a contract with Dreamspinner Press for the release of a new novel, right now called The Hippie and the Dragon, which is a terrible title, I well know. We’ll get that changed, don’t worry! In it a reclusive young man, Sunny, who has just lost his parents and retreated to an isolated anchorage in the Northern Ontario bush, discovers he is not alone. His uninvited guest is an odd one, though, with seemingly no knowledge of such modern-day conveniences as cars, cell phones or flush toilets. He does love to read, though, and needs some time and quiet to recuperate from what Sunny can only guess has been a long stint alone in the wilderness. Emile, his house-guest, is undernourished and just about as reclusive as Sunny. He’s also extremely attractive and mysterious.

So while Emile reads Sunny’s collection of romance novels, regains some weight, his health and learns to navigate the modern world, Sunny tries to be patient and polite. All while he is dying to know where Emile came from and why the natural world surrounding their little retreat has begun to go haywire, turning more wild by the day. The last thing Sunny expects is to discover is that Emile is the wildest thing around, and not nearly as human as he looks.

New Words: I’m just about half way through book 2 of Stories from the Hen and Hog, involving Mitch, Ira’s wayward dancing friend who needed some direction in life that was not down the drain with the POS boyfriend he was with in book one. and the Hen and Hog owner, Kearn. So far, they are proving very good for one another. You can see the word count as it creeps up on the sidebar over to the right, and I’ll keep you posted on where this series ends up eventually.

Plans:  I will soon be embarking on the last Tale from Rainbow Alley. Mark and Rolly need to fix their world, both personally and socially, and I’ll want to check in on the rest of the gang, make sure they are all settled well, and ready to live out their lives peacefully.


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