Sunshine in the Dragon’s Heart

Book Cover: Sunshine in the Dragon's Heart
Part of the Perchance to Dream series:
  • Sunshine in the Dragon's Heart
Editions:Digital: $ 6.99
ISBN: 978-1-64080-973-4
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ISBN: 978-1-64080-974-1
Pages: 226

Lately Sunny’s life has been anything but. He’s lost his parents, and his love for the company they built has died with them. He hopes a move to the northern Ontario wilderness will afford him some peace and quiet.

His hopes are about to be spectacularly dashed.

Dragon Emile doesn’t want to take his soft-scale form in order to carry the clan’s eggs, so he has no choice but to run—all the way to another dimension and into the arms of a kind, handsome, and lonely human. Sunny takes him in, and feelings beyond friendship develop quickly. But Emile is centuries out of touch with human culture, and Sunny is wary of his seeming innocence—the guy doesn’t even know about indoor plumbing! Emile can hardly enter into a romance when he’s keeping the biggest of secrets—literally.

But Emile’s repressed magic is wreaking havoc on the land, waking dryads and water sprites… and leading Emile’s vindictive hatch-brother right to them. Emile would gladly give up his dragon magic to remain by Sunny’s side, but when his hatch-brother catches up to him, Sunny will have to reach deep and find some magic of his own.

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