How the Cookie Crumbles

Book Cover: How the Cookie Crumbles
Part of the Bluewater Bay series:

Frederic was never cut out to be a reality TV star.

After losing a rigged cooking show competition, and a potential lover, to another baker, Frederic Jackson wants the anonymity of small town life and his own bakery. He's packed his considerable baggage and moved to Bluewater Bay, using the network's hush money over the show's fixed results to rebuild his simple dream.

Blaire Caruthers knew working for his father was a bad idea, manipulating the outcome of the company’s flagship show a mistake, but choosing another man over kind, generous Frederic downright stupid. To escape the fallout, he's been sent to sleepy Bluewater Bay to oversee the company’s interest in Wolf’s Landing merchandise.

Confronted with the very things they are trying to escape, both men are forced to make hard choices. Frederic will have to learn to trust the man he loves, but who already proved unreliable. And Blaire has to free himself of family expectation to prove he's the man Frederic deserves.

Bluewater Bay was supposed to be a hidden harbor and a hiding place. Instead, it's turned into their second—and maybe last—chance to get things right.

Publisher: Author - Jaime Samms
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